Frank Cipolla


Frank Cipolla

TOPIC-When we watch the news, especially when elections take place, we rely that the information given to us by the media is truthful. Unfortunately many of us find that the truth is distorted to sway people to one side or the other on issues from politics to the economy and beyond. The media should be balanced and speak the truth. It should not lean to the left or right, because staying in the middle and letting the people decide what to accept or not is key to our survival as a country!

Meet Frank Cipolla Award winning American Television and Radio News Broadcaster Author of “It Shocked Even Us” a book about his 30 years in radio and TV Afternoon News Anchor for the Soupy Sales Radio Show on WNBC Major market TV reporter and anchor Currently a network News Anchor at the Wall Street Journal Radio Network.

Date Recorded: 10/2/2012

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