Freedom of Speech Card Game- BGE presents


About Nico Muoio: Nico Muoio is a teenage entrepreneur prodigy, creator of the game Freedom of Speech. Nico started his first profitable business at 9 years old and is now 18. He has currently prioritized business over college in order to launch his latest venture: Freedom of Speech, LLC. He is a success and has already solved business challenges from a unique perspective. About Freedom of Speech: Freedom of Speech is a new & hilarious politically incorrect card game created to combat the social tension in today’s walk-on-eggshells Trump-era. The game’s founder, Nico, believes that the world is in its current state because everyone is so sensitive – and while embracing individualism we have lost our ability and freedom to say what’s on our minds. The game is a fun way to remind us all that while it is important to respect others’ choices, people should be able to make a joke without looking like a criminal.