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Greg Slayton
Ann Romney fought back Thursday against a Democrat who suggested she’s no economic expert because she “hasn’t worked a day in her life.” Raising the five Romney sons, she said, was such a full-time job that her husband, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney, considered it more important than his work as the family breadwinner. – WCVB
Parent expert and former US Ambassador Gregory W. Slayton and author of Be A Better Dad Today, is available for an interview on the criticism Ann Romney is receiving due to her choice to be a full time parent.

Matt Weik – Matt Weik graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Kinesiology and a minor in Business back in 2005 but has been on a mission to make America healthy way before that.
Matt has been active in the fitness industry and changing lives since 2002. He was a strength and conditioning coach for a high school as well as a personal trainer and service director for a chain of 3 gyms. Matt was also a DJ working for a well known radio station associated with CBS.

DJ Silver – DJ Silver has been a top touring dj/remixer/producer for over 10 years, having played in premier venues in virtually every major market in the US, Mexico and Canada. Currently touring with Jason Aldean, Eric Church and the JaneDear girls on the Top 10 “My Kinda’ Party Tour,” and next with Rascal Flatts (starting June 18, 2011), DJ Silver has entertained millions of listeners with his unique brand of party rock country style of music mixing. His high energy performances get the crowds moving – whether in stadiums paving the way for each new act coming on stage, or at top clubs and parties throughout North America.

Canddi from (Link NSFW) Housewife by day, Cammer by night, Canddi performs for among other cam sites – engaging, friendly, you’ll love her within moments of hearing her!

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