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Final Frontier’s own Rick Busby hits the Friday airwaves Friday from 5pm – 7pm on (what the hell – HOW MANY STATIONS?!) Join him and his guests below!

Byron Gore was born and raised in the United Kingdom, He hails from both Wales and Surrey. Now living in Los Angeles, Byron is already making headway into the US Music Scene with many dynamic performances and recordings under his belt. He has performed with an array of artists stretching from the talented unknown to such major power houses such as Brenda Lee Eager, Jason Charles Miller, and Carmen Perez, just to name a few.

Steve Olsher is the author of the 2010 “Self-Help Book of the Year”, Journey To You, host of Reinvention Radio, and founder of The Reinvention Workshop. His focus on helping people discover, and create a plan of action for pursuing, their WHAT—the one thing they were born to do—affects positive, permanent change around the world.

Nox built a record label from the ground up, and he now works with several major label artists and producers. He has a label called Next Level Productions and a group called Self Made. They have done several shows in Raleigh, NC and Orlando, FL and have sold over 8,000 cds. They’ve been in in-house studios and in multi-million dollar studios KDS and Plush Studios.

John Greenburg – Pirate invasions are becoming more common, and not just on the big screen of Hollywood fiction. Real life terror is occurring in the waters of the world. Leaving a pathway of concern to all those who know the horrors of this reality. Recently the cruise ship “Costa Allegra” became disabled and was prowled by Pirates. This attack has altered people’s lives in the wake; proving that Pirates are indeed a reality, and not just a portrait of fiction. A fascinating topic in the chronicles of history, that needs to be talked about.

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