From Brain Tumor to Woke Hero – How Adversity Helps You Succeed


How many of us have faced struggles in life? Pretty much everyone, right, but we often look at struggles as the things that keep us from our goals, instead of seeing their silver linings and the opportunities they provide.

Look at Woke Hero founder, Clinical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist, Avantika Dixit. She survived a brain tumor, and this motivated her to create Woke Hero and in the process, do something she truly loves with her life.

“It’s the struggles we face in life that open the door for most opportunities.” says Dixit. “Without struggle, we don’t grow, and without growth and expansion, we never know what we’re really capable of. The mind requires adversity in order to know for you to know what you truly want, and have the motivation to work towards it. Instead of looking at your life as a series of obstacles that have prevented success, what if you looked at them as a series of opportunities to further your success?”

As a psychologist, Avantika Dixit understands the power in adversity and is using Woke Hero as a platform to teach people, specifically Millennials, how to overcome their struggles and find meaning in life.