Georja Umano

I have a Master’s Degree from New York University in Educational Theatre.
I’m a former adult education teacher of fitness and yoga, a children’s nature docent and a theatre and SAGAFTRA performer. 
My acting career started in New York and I always leaned towards comedy. I was on all the episodes of a short lived sit com with Ed Asner Off the Rack, and the title character in a very popular award winning short film, The Godmother. I did stand up comedy in 12 states.
Things changed when I got a dog and quickly became an avid animal advocate and feature journalist for animals. I had a cable show with my dog The Georja and Marcello Show, and then I got involved with elephants. Went to Africa 6 times. The last time, decided to move there and brought my two rescue dogs, as well as my husband, Gerald Everett Jones.
We all had  incredible experiences and I’ve written about them in my new novel TERRIERS IN THE JUNGLE, narrated by the dogs.
It took me a while to remember a past life experience I had as a young woman in which I was a young child whose mother was killed by an elephant hunter, and I was raised by elephants. When I was in Kenya I realized that in that past life, I believe I actually was an elephant. Now I know lots of elephants and have kissed wild elephants and feel at home with them.
My book won first prize in animal fiction at the BookFest recently.  Maybe one day Ill catch up with my husband’s 14 book awards! Everybody tells me this book should be a movie and I think so too!