Gerry Hauser

 you have as your guest the return visit of Gerry Hauser,
the diamond whiz, who is certainly one of the current greats in the
jewelry business…reach him in San Diego a 619-572-8100…he’s
been  a top exec for many years in that city with Hadar Diamonds, Inc…
are Diamonds still A Girl’s Best Friend?  He’ll tell you why…
Ask him about the current season (now!) for buying diamonds…how
do we go about getting the best possible deal for the love of  our
Ask him how he got started in the jewelry biz in New York City and why
he moved West to San Diego several years ago…
As for buying diamonds these days, is it still a good investment?  What
are the do’s and dont’s in buying diamonds?  What do we have to be
very aware of in making a purchase?
Visit his website under his name…
 Will talk to you in the morning…oh yes, ask him when his book about the
jewelry biz will be completed…and so much more we should know about
buying diamonds….what should we know about buying diamonds these
days?   What are the secrets???
Will talk to you in the morning….thanks, Irwin Zucker