Many entrepreneurial women lose their femininity and friendships as they build amazing businesses and Gigi shows them how to turn up “The Bombshell Factor™”! An Image Consultant for over 28 years, she’s shown thousands of women how to feel powerful in their femininity through tools such as body typing, makeup and fashion personality, core wardrobing, and much much more so that EVERY day is Bombshell day!! Many women have qualities that make them “look” beautiful, but Gigi takes it even further and teaches women how to develop the more esoteric qualities that truly connect women with each other without the typical drama, trauma, and jealousy so prevalent today. She was featured in “Mom Spa:75 Relaxing Ways to Pamper a Mother’s Mind, Body, and Soul,” by Gin Sander, and was a contributing author in Gin’s book “Raging Gracefully:Smart Women on Life, Love, And Coming into Your Own”. ©Copyright Gigi Belmonico Podcast of the interview Download:

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