Give A Damn – The Ticket to Cultural Change


Our own actions, individually and collectively, determine the world in which we live. The mindset of today’s society has
deteriorated because we just don’t GIVE A DAMN about each other, especially Congress. Everything seems to be
internally and ego driven. Responsibility, respect, accountability and doing the right thing are more the exception than
the rule. The Give a Damn initiatives, philosophy and movement will change everything.
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Mark has a diverse education and has numerous successes as an employee, business owner, entrepreneur and
consultant. He earned many awards while working for IBM and has started, supported and sold many successful
business ventures in his career. As the former leader of the Louisiana Technology Council, he was selected by the
Governor’s office as Technology Leader of the Year by helping Louisiana become one of the top three states in the
country in technology job and wage growth. In July, 2019, EO of Louisiana presented Mark with its Marshall Klein
Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his work in helping EO of Louisiana become the fastest growing entrepreneurial
chapter in the world. Mark currently facilitates multiple CEO Roundtables and has helped hundreds of CEOs and
individuals with their growth, both personally and professionally. Mark’s corporate and conference presentations and
interviews provide powerful motivation for a mindset change that leads to success and purpose in life and business; all
based on why his Give a Damn principles and philosophy are SO important for business and society to adopt.