Global Business Expert Predicts Positive Trends in Healthcare


Global Business Expert Predicts Positive Trends in Healthcare

Boston, MA, Sept. 25, 2020  The American healthcare system is complex, to say the least, and the collaboration and interoperability among its key players lags far behind other industries. Consider this: If a credit card company can access a person’s complete credit history in minutes, why can’t a doctor access patient records from another facility for seamless, continuity of care? And why isn’t it easier for patients to price shop and compare medical services and procedures?

Positive change is on the horizon — and in some cases is already here — says global business expert Harry Glorikian, and we have the power of big data and a push from consumers to thank.

“Consumers have seen how technology and data have changed user relationships to other industries, like banking, and are starting to demand similar improvements in healthcare,” Glorikian explains.

He recently interviewed numerous leaders in the field of healthcare, documenting their challenges and exploring emerging opportunities that are impacting everyone from the doctors and patients to researchers and insurers.

What he found:

1. The uptick in electronic storage of medical records and convenient online patient portals are improving patient experiences.

2. Innovative applications of data are being used to pinpoint outbreaks and expose drug-resistant diseases.

3. Data and cutting-edge analytics are already advancing some aspects of healthcare and creating new and evolving business opportunities.

4. Data and technology are impacting drug development, precision medicine, and how patients with rare diseases are diagnosed and treated.

5. Digital devices and artificial intelligence are helping doctors do their jobs faster and with greater accuracy.

Glorikian’s findings make a compelling case for embracing technology and the use of data to revolutionize the healthcare system for the greater good of patients and healthcare professionals alike.

“We have entered a rapidly evolving era of medicine that values data-driven approaches and prioritizes evidence-based care, and the best is yet to come,” Glorikian predicts.

Harry Glorikian is an expert on how big data is transforming the healthcare and life sciences landscapes. An influential global business expert with more than three decades of experience building successful ventures in the U.S. and around the world, Glorikian is well known for his achievements in the life sciences, healthcare, diagnostics and healthcare IT industries. He is a sought-after speaker and go-to media resource who has addressed the National Institutes of Health, Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference, World Theranostics Congress and other audiences worldwide.

He has written numerous articles for industry publications, appeared on CBS Evening News, and has been quoted regularly by Dow Jones, The Boston GlobeBioWorld Today, Los Angeles Times, London Independent, Medical Device Daily, Science Magazine, Genetic Engineering News and many other media outlets. He is also the author of Commercializing Novel IVD’s: A Comprehensive Manual for Success. 

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