Guest: Darla Davies, national champion ballroom dancer and author of Who Said I’d Never Dance Again? A Journey from Hip Replacement Surgery to Athletic Victory


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National Champion Ballroom Dancer Tells of the Intense

Psychological & Physical Journey from Hip Replacement

to Competitive Victory

Darla’s story of determination and resiliency will inspire and give hope to anyone who

might be facing joint-replacement surgery. Darla’s quest for athletic victory will show all

athletes that it is never too late, and you are never too old to pursue your dream.

—Dr. Bob Rotella, Sports Psychologist and bestselling author

Even though more than 2.5 million people have received hip replacement surgery, when a professional athlete undergoes surgery, their dreams and career can be changed in an instant. Imagine hearing that you’d never be able to compete again, or in Darla Davies’ case, dance professionally. For competitive ballroom dancer and national champion Darla Davies, these words from a top orthopedic surgeon crushed her spirit, her livelihood, and her dreams for athletic victory. To her credit, Darla wasn’t standing still for any of that talk. Darla’s journey to recover from degenerative joint disease with hip replacement surgery plus heal not only her physical body but also psychologically prep herself for a grueling journey back to the dance floor is chronicled in Who Said I’d Never Dance Again? A Journey from Hip Replacement Surgery to Athletic Victory. (Morgan James Publishing; March 5, 2019; Trade Paperback; $17.95). More than a memoir from a champion athlete, this book is a positive plan for finding the best doctor for your needs. Plus, Darla explains how to understand fully about the diagnosis, process, surgery, physical recovery, and the secrets of sports psychology behind a dramatic recovery that leads back to an active life.

In the pages of her book, Darla Davies shares her exciting life as a top competitive ballroom dancer and the physical toll it takes on her athletic body. In addition, she shares the early warning signs she experienced in her late forties that her hips were deteriorating and the type of pain and leg weakness she endured in her early fifties that finally convinced her that it was time to seek medical help. Darla tells of her first doctor appointment and the devastating news that she’d never be able to do competitive dance again. Faced with surgery and uncertainty, she could have given up, but instead Darla chose to fight for her passion, her hip, and her championship title.

In an interview, Darla will talk about:

How to identify the warning signs for hip replacement
How early is too early for surgery? Does age matter?
What to expect when seeking surgeons and what questions to ask about recovery
The secrets that athletes use to persevere and recover powerfully from surgery
Restoring joy and passion after an enormous physical setback
The key source of inspiration from other competitive athletes
Being behind the scenes of the glamorous ballroom dance industry
Her dancing partner and husband, Jim Maranto and their romantic relationship on and off the dance floor

About the author:

Darla Davies is the only competitive athlete and ballroom dancer who in less than three years—claimed the United States Pro Am American Smooth Championship title, succumbed to hip replacement surgery, and fought back to regain the national championship. At sixty-one gorgeous years, she continues to win championship titles across the nation each year. Darla and her dance partner and husband Jim Maranto have appeared on PBS television’s America’s Ballroom Challenge and have visited with the judges on the set of Dancing with the Stars. The couple maintains extensive relationships in the national ballroom dancing market