Guest: Dr. Cletus R. Bulach – Education Expert


Guest: Dr. Cletus R. Bulach – Education Expert

Bullying on Sports Teams
Guest Opportunity: Clete Bulach – Education Expert and Trusted Expert on improving test scores in public schools, reducing bullying, and reforming school culture.

As kids begin to get ready to go back to school, parents need to be ready to see the signs of bullying within the sporting teams on which they play.

Bullying occurs within sports teams, or anywhere, because the aggressor has a need to control the situation. Within sports teams it sometimes perceived by players that the only way to move forward in the game is by driving any perceived threats to quit. These players may use taunting, gossip or even physical abuse as a tool but it is all bullying none the less.

What is the best way for parents and kids to fight bullying on sports teams? Take back the control.

Meet Clete Bulach

· Dr. Bulach has 40 years of experience in public education and a doctoral degree in social psychology, educational leadership and curriculum
· Dr. Bulach has thirty years of experience in the classroom, principalship, and superintendency in Ohio and 10 years as a professor
· Researching how leaders interact with groups has been Dr. Bulach’s research emphasis producing many publications on these topics.
· The 2nd edition of his book, Creating a Culture for High Performing Schools: A Comprehensive Approach to School Reform and Dropout Prevention, on how to create a high performing school culture

Date Recorded: 8/13/2012

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