Guest: Frank Wuco – Intelligence Expert


Guest: Frank Wuco – Intelligence Expert

TOPIC-Rage Against America, Obama Skips Intel Guest Opportunity: Frank Wuco – Retired U.S. Naval Intelligence Officer, Chief of Intelligence Ops Special Operations Command CENTRAL and founder of USCENTCOM’s Intelligence Red Team. Nationally known Expert on Intelligence and National Security issues In the aftermath of another attack to the US, not coincidentally on September 11, four people including the US Ambassador to Libya and two of his former Navy SEAL security detail are dead. If the President were a Navy ship’s Commanding Officer, he would be relieved of command without hesitation. Rather than an immediate condemnation of the raid on the US Embassy in Cairo and the fatal attack in Benghazi, the US Embassy in Cairo issued a statement condemning”the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims”. Not until several hours later did President Obama take to the airwaves and publicly vow to ‘bring justice’ to those responsible for the attacks.

Meet Frank Wuco: · Leaker Gate: Can give an insider view of the severe damage caused to national security by the unauthorized disclosure of classified and compartmented programs to media by White House insiders · Iran: All topics relating to Iran’s leadership, military, and nuclear weapons program, and the Iranian Islamic Revolution · Islamic motivated violence and Islamic global views and goals · Expert in the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt; its history, purpose, goals, and worldview Podcast of the interview Download:


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