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Music has been one of the timeless treasures that we’ve enjoyed throughout antiquity and it is even more popular today. There’s music everywhere you go and there’s a soundtrack to everything. And who makes that great music? Great bands, just like yours.
It’s easier than ever to get your music into the hands of the eager listening public with digital distribution. One thing still presents a formidable obstacle, though: promotion. You have to promote your music far and wide to attain the success you know is within reach. The major factor in the success of your promotion is funding. You need funding to get your fledgling project off the ground and onto as many iPods as possible.
Many band members have taken on additional jobs and sold personal property to help finance their musical careers. There is an easier way than working yourself to death to finance your dream of being a musician with product for sale. Try to help you raise funds to promote your music. It’s effective, easy, and a great way to get in touch with your faithful fans.
All you have to do is sign up, upload your information, and tell your supporters how much money you’d like to raise. Give your fans and supporters a chance to be connected to your band and your music with a message like this on your Sponsorgoal web donation page:
Help fund our band and as a special gift, for every $10 donation, we will mail you an advanced copy of our CD with your name printed on the CD jacket.
What’s great about’s method of fundraising is the many built-in features that work great for your band. You get a free web page where you can post your band’s bio, photos, videos, and any important information that you want known. It’s important to have as much publicity as you can get, and having publicity on a site like only helps.
You can also link to your band’s social media accounts, increasing your exposure to interested parties who’d like to find out more about you or just keep in touch. Fans can also click on the social sharing buttons on your campaign webpage to share it via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and all of the other top social sharing sites. When the Sponsorgoal web donation page gets shared with your social network, it can put you front and center to getting the money you need to promote your music.

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