-Guest Opportunity: Rich Decker – Fitness Expert and Philanthropist


Rich Decker
TOPIC Many families were and still are being affected by the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, and what they need most are HOMES. Rich Decker, along with a host of celebrities including Jason Kidd and Keith Hernandez, are working with Camping World to provide RV homes for families to live in while their homes are being rebuilt so as to help maintain their family routine, work, and keep their children going to school. Food and supplies are very important factors in helping with relief, but HOMES are essential. Camping World is ready to provide 5000 RV to victims of Hurricane Sandy with the money raised in this effort.

Meet Rich Decker Fitness Expert and owner of Studio 89 in Sag Harbor Is intricately tied to community as a Board member, supporting local efforts like “The Retreat,” a battered women’s shelter and globally he has focused efforts that build schools in Nicaragua. Inventor of the immensely popular Body Wedge Manages three gym facilities owned by Alexis and Martha Stewart

Date Recorded: 12/15/2012

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