Guest Opportunity: Tim Harris — Environmentalist and “Self-Proclaimed” Next Presider of the United States


Dark Horse Presidential Candidates

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A dark horse is a little-known person or thing that emerges to prominence. The First “Dark Horse” Presidential Candidate. Henry Clay ran against Polk for president and lost.

It is not funny that if you don’t want to do things the same way that they’ve always been done, that hasn’t worked in the past, that the perpetrators of the lack of progress want to call you a dark horse. So, if you’ve had a track record of success from childhood and you can offer ideas about the situations that our society faces… Being able to offer the American political system solutions, makes you a dark horse.

Tim Harris is in the running for the 2020 Presidential Election and helps us understand what the meaning of a Dark Horse candidate really entails.

What is the true meaning of a Dark Horse candidate?
What made you decide to run for President?
What are some things you are looking to accomplish?
***Follow the link to hear Tim Harris explain why he wants to be President! ***

Meet Tim Harris:
Non-partisan write-in candidate for the Presidential Election in 2020
Serial Entrepreneur
Business Analyst