Guest:William Owens Jr, We Celebrate Marriage


Guest:William Owens Jr, We Celebrate Marriage

TOPIC-Worldwide Live Marriage Thon

The Marriage Mandate Fund announces their most exciting event series to date, a worldwide live streaming event called the We Celebrate Marriage Marriage-Thon.

The We Celebrate Marriage events are perfectly positioned to be the voice of the mandate that marriage is between one man and one woman because of their positions on following; the affirmation of God’s truth on marriage and the purpose for marriage and its definition form a worldwide Biblical view.

Meet We Celebrate Marriage:
A group of pastors, political activists and families
Political Action Committee seeking to preserve traditional marriage between one man and one woman
Circulating a petition called “Commitment to Traditional Marriage Pledge”
Hosts of the We Celebrate Marriage Marriage-Thon tour
The voice of traditional marriage and its values

To learn more about We Celebrate Marriage, please visit:

Date Recorded: 9/15/2012

SITE: Site

Podcast of the interview Download:


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