Habaka 12/11/2015


After leaving Europe for more than 5yrs. Due to

Habaka’s mother taking sick, she returned to

Italy to continue her singing career.

On a hot summer night while attending a dinner

party, Habaka met a young woman that would

change her life forever.

And just like that her Holiday Album entitled

“Back in the city…It’s Christmas” came to life.

The cover sketched by Art Professor and friend

Francesco Mazilli of the city of Cremona, Italy

where Habaka has been living for quite some

So being that she had returned back to the City

that she loved and where she had nearly been

adopted as an International recording artist

Habaka decided to dedicate the album cover to

the city of Cremona, and the sketch was

actually inspired by a sketch of Cremona from

As for these wonderful Christmas Classics that

were recorded by Habaka, that part was easy,

and she chose the Christmas classics that she

had grown to love and adore as a child and

recorded them in the key of jazz.

Anyone that has known or followed Habaka’s

career knows that whenever asked the question

what does she wish to convey to her audience

when she’s performing, her answer has always

been quite simple in one word “Love” as a

matter of fact whenever she’s talked about you

will hear of that incredible voice that pierces

you straight to the heart.

Habaka being a romantic did just that with her

album entitled “I Will Wait For You” where she

takes you on a journey of all of the ups and

downs of that thing we call Love, and in

particular on two of her original songs Habaka

and Paul Gross penned “Faded Memories”

which takes you down memory lane with an old

school feel, while her second original song

entitled “Paradox” penned by Habaka and

music by Marco Pieri here Habaka collaborated

with her father Melvin Jackson whom was the

saxophonist of the great B.B. King, this is a real

treat to hear father and daughter exchanging

their God given talents and love for one another

and Habaka even sings in a mixture of Italian

and English.

Both “Back in the city…It’s Christmas!” and “I

Will Wait For You” are being distributed

through the Tate Music Group of Oklahoma.