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Medical Marijuana Replaces Opioid Prescriptions

Guest Opportunity: Hanala Sagal — Award Winning Writer, Comedian, YouTube influencer and Best Selling Author of My Parents Went Through the Holocaust and All I Got Was This Lousy T-shirt

***Medical Marijuana Approved to Replace Opioid Prescriptions in New York State***

The Opioid epidemic is an unprecedented crisis all over the world, especially in New York State. As research indicates that marijuana can reduce the use of Opioid, adding Opioid use as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana has the potential to help save countless lives across the state

From the beginning until now their medical marijuana program has added a multitude of illnesses or ailments including generalized chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and now, as of this month, Opioid use. Will it work?

Hanala Sagal is the perfect person to touch on the above breakthrough. She has been a Substance Abuse Counselor for 35 years who has worked with numerous Hollywood celebrities. Her experiences can help answer the questions you want to know!

* How can medical marijuana help fight against this epidemic?

* Why are some, like Dr. Oz starting to change their stance on medical cannabis?

* What are some of the symptoms that cannabis helps reduce in addiction patients?

* How did you overcome addiction?

Meet Hanala Sagal

Hanala Sagal is a best-selling author, comedian and YouTube influencer with 300M minutes watched. Her brand, “Comedy Wellness,” combining 12-Step recovery, comedy and fitness, debuted on “Shape Up LA!” in 1985.

Hanala creates “Content for a better tomorrow and funnier today.” She is the Co-Executive Producer/Screenwriter of Kevin Spacey’s “Elvis & Nixon” (2016), featured in “The Last Laugh” (2016) with Mel Brooks and “Ruthless People”. “The Lost Cell Phone Blues” is her original hit song. Hanala currently hosts BOAT KARAOKE filming this summer in Marina del Rey.

For more information: www.hanalasagal.com