Harvard in Tech Executive Director Available Talk about GameStop, The Populist Movement, and How it Relates to Big Tech


Krysia Lenzo is the Executive Director of Harvard in Technology and a former NASDAQ reporter with prior experience in journalism at CNBC, Fox Business, Conde Nast Portfolio. She was also a NYSE and Nasdaq reporter at Cheddar where she anchored their market news. She previously reported on IPOs, earnings and national security issues at those outlets. Krysia received J.D. at Fordham University School of Law where she wrote her thesis on cybersecurity, the CFAA and IP law. She currently holds a degree in Business and Economic reporting from NYU’s School of Journalism. Prior to her career in media, Krysia spent two years as an analyst at UBS Investment Bank where she worked in the Private Funds Group. She also spent two years as the executive producer at Harvard University’s Television News.