Help in Syria


Robert O. Morris, Former Green Beret and CIA Operations Officer and Author of ‘Fighting Windmills; A Quixotic Odyssey’

TOPIC-Canadian Defense Peter MacKay called on Russia to exert influence to end the Syrian civil war, accusing Russia of standing on the sidelines while Syria is “coming apart at the seams.”

Meet Robert O. Morris: Expertise on Russia based on years of on-the-ground experience as a student, CIA Operations Officer and post-Soviet era International businessman While serving as a CIA Operations Officer, directly involved in sensitive anti-Soviet clandestine operations in the USSR and 3 other overseas stations Military expertise gained while serving as a US Army Green Beret Officer Combination of over 40 years of international government, corporate and entrepreneurial pursuits on four continents ‘Warrior, Wanderer, Seeker, Dad”

Date Recorded: 12/17/2012

SITE: Site

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