How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions to Cut Costs and Save Money Saving for Beyond Just the Rainy Days: throughout the Entire Year


What and Who:   By the second week of January, 25-percent of all New Year’s resolutions have already

been broken! And while “spending less and saving more” was a top resolution made by people in 2015,

ensuring that this resolution doesn’t fall by the wayside can take extra discipline.


While cutting out some expenses like daily trips to the coffee shop may save some pocket change, there

are other ways consumers with can find hidden savings and watch real interest as their savings accounts



According to a new study released by USAA Bank, 51-percent of adults say that they are not able to save

regularly. And among the sexes there definitely appears to be a divide, as 32-percent of men say that

they always set aside money versus 23-percent of women who say they do so. Also, 55-percent of

women say that they are not able to save regularly while only 46-percent of men indicate this. When

needing to cover unexpected expenses, most people take money out of a savings account, however 35-

percent have been compelled to borrow money from family and friends, 23-percent have sold personal

items and almost half of respondents seek out additional work.


So where to begin and how to stay in track? Certified financial planner J.J. Montanaro who has more

than 20 years of financial planning experience, will share with your listeners many tips for trading their

piggy banks for real savings accounts. J.J., who authors a personal finance column and has been quoted

in “The Wall Street Journal”, “USA Today”, “Washington Post”, and much more, will also discuss with

your listeners the following:

* Review routine bills such as those from cable, cell phone, and internet providers and bank service fees

to compare among competing companies to seek out reduced fees or monthly charges.

* With interest rates still hovering at near-record lows, shop around for the best rate on credit cards,

consider transfer fees and other fees that could add up.

* When refinancing your auto or mortgage loans could save you money

* What insights USAA’s survey discovered about consumers saving and spending habits

* What are the differences in spending and savings habits among the sexes.

and * How to avoid getting yourself into a money pinch and the best steps to take when you find

yourself in one.


** A financial planning expert, J.J. will also answer any questions that you might have about saving

money throughout the year.


SPONSOR: USAA (United Services Automobile Association) Bank