Ian Fellerman




In the tradition of the American traveling musician/hobo/freeloading couch surfer, I’ve done a four song EP called “The Folk EP”. It’s available for free now at bashfulhips.com. The album was improvised basically live and written/recorded in four consecutive nights this past March.

Acoustic music is way out of my comfort zone as I’ve really only played punk rock and weird experimental music my whole life. This EP is in strong contrast to the full length record “Too Old for a Coming of Age Story…” which will finally be released early this summer. The instrumentation of the full length is all synthetic electronica like I’ve done in the past. “The Folk EP” is completely acoustic.

This EP is about having the American dream fall apart in your hands, being psychologically damaged from that, constantly traveling, not having a home, toxic partners, grieving, heart break, mental/physical anguish and the need to be free but still wanting that American dream so fucking bad but knowing it’s not actually attainable.

Bashful Hips has had songs that have been pretty, and sometimes I write songs that pus black. Even though this is acoustic music, this record falls into the category of the latter.