“In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation”


About The Author
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Rick Bava was born in Chicago on December 18, 1955, and was raised in the

Chicago area. Rick went to the University of Wisconsin, at the age of 16, on a tennis

scholarship. While studying at UW, he advanced to play tennis on a professional level

and later became successful teaching tennis. Rick also had a radio commentary and

newspaper column, both titled “Tennis Tips,” and was honored at a very young age to

be a member of the PENN Advisory staff.

Rick earned his Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts from UW, Madison

studying under Professor Winston Brembeck, a leading authority in the field. He

expanded his education further by taking graduate courses at Harvard’s Extension

Program before beginning his business career. Rick quickly become a business

pioneer in the field of Personal Computers, gaining acclaim with Commodore Business

Machines. He went on to enjoy a successful 30-year corporate career, working his way

up to become the Senior Head of External Affairs for the Computer Services division of

the Boeing Company, followed by his role as the Director of World Wide Business

Development for Digital Equipment Corporation’s Services Division. In 2002, Rick

founded and was CEO of his own company, the Bava Group, which became the

premier communications consulting firm serving the Fortune 500 community.

After leaving the corporate world, Rick began contemplating what many Baby

Boomers refer to as an “encore career.” The Baby Boomer generation is enormous in

size, experiences, and its impact on society. Rick’s communication and marketing skills

2In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation / Bava

led him to notice a void in the way the Baby Boomer generation’s story was being told.

The combination of Rick’s personality, educational background, his own life

experiences, his natural curiosity about people and his keen observational skills made

him uniquely qualified to chronicle the Baby Boomer generation.

To understand the Baby Boomer generation that he has been so much a part of,

Rick travelled through the United States for two years, having in-depth conversations

with hundreds of Boomers across all socio-economic classes. These interviews

became the basis for his popular blog columns “Rick Bava on the Baby Boomer

Generation.” His blog became very popular among Baby Boomers with personal interest

in his columns, and also generated great attention from a vast number of businesses

and marketing firms catering to the Baby Boomer generation, who recognized his

growing reputation as a Baby Boomer thought leader and influencer. As a result of this

prominent, influential blog that addressed the topics most vital to the Baby Boomer

generation, Rick was invited to be the keynote speaker at the forum “Baby Boomers in

But tragedy temporarily turned his life upside-down after he was badly injured in a

hit-and-run car accident in May of 2012. Rick emerged from this major setback with

more motivation and resilience than ever to represent the Baby Boomers of America.

Today, Rick continues to engage many thousands of Baby Boomers with his

insightful commentary about America’s 78 million Boomers. He captivates and inspires

Baby Boomers nationwide with his monthly column “The Baby Boomer Corner” in

Today’s Senior Magazine. Rick also continues to keep his eye on the pulse of the Baby

Boomer Generation through his association with the Boomer Nation Radio Show. His

3In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation / Bava

commentary focuses on the diverse lifestyles and life changes of Baby Boomers, as

well as their goals and thoughts for today and the future. With his magazine and

internet columns, radio shows, keynote speeches, and Social Media messages and now

this tantalizing new book, In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation, Rick is frequently

referred to as a “Thought Leader for the Baby Boomer Generation.”

Rick currently lives in San Diego, California with his wife, Lisa.