India Robot Invasion: Death of Human Labor


India Robot Invasion: Death of Human Labor

Guest Opportunity: Kip Marlow, Founder and President of Marlow Surgical Technologies, Automation Expert, Business Advisor and Strategist, and Critically Acclaimed Author of “The Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice”.

Robots and automation are invigorating once-sleepy Indian factories, boosting productivity by carrying out low-skill tasks more efficiently.

In a sweltering factory in southern India, Royal Enfield motorcycles are being painted and lacquered by giant robotic arms that move at twice the maximum speed of a human limb, day in, day out, never making a mistake.

Only a few workers are still needed on the paint line at Royal Enfield Motors Ltd.’s plant in Oragadam, doing touch-ups on the iconic two-wheelers coveted for their classic design. Four robots can do the work of 15 human painters toiling across three shifts.

Kip Marlow, Critically Acclaimed Author ofThe Entrepreneurs: Success and Sacrifice,uses his business expertise toexplain the trend of workplace automation and what it means to our society moving forward.

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Kip Marlow can discuss this topic by answering the following questions:

* Will job automation lead to a decline in employment?

* What are the pros and cons of workplace automation?

* Will this continue to trend in 2015?

* Is the beginning of a Robot Takeover?

Meet Kip Marlow:

* Founder and President of Marlow Surgical Technologies

* AI and Automation Expert

* Successful Entrepreneur

* Small Business Teacher and Advisor

* Host of Entrepreneur Club Radio

* Named by Small Business Trends as the 2013 top 100 Small Business Influencersin the United States