Internet Dates from Hell


Dave King-Defying Evil: How The Italian Army Saved Croatian Jews During The Holocaust.

Trisha grew up on Long Island, New York with three older brothers. Trisha Ventker, formerly Trisha Small, endured twelve years of Catholic school to graduate from Holy Trinity High School with the class of 1984. Finding herself attending Nursing school at Nassau Community College, Trisha realized Nursing in ICU wasn’t her calling. Once matriculated at SUNY Old Westbury, she focused her energy on her childhood dream – becoming a teacher. After graduating in 1988 with a BS in Education, Trisha landed a teaching position at an elementary school in Levittown, Long Island. Trisha then went on to achieve her MS as a Reading Specialist from Adelphi University, Garden City. She has taught hundreds of children over the last eighteen years.

During school breaks Trisha experienced many exotic locales. She has visited the hill tribes in Chang Mai, swam with the sharks in Bora Bora, got lost in the souks of Marrakesh, rode the narrow streets of Shanghai in a rickshaw. If that wasn’t enough, she also navigated a gondola through the Venetian canals, went on a safari in Tanzania, danced with the Masai warriors, cycled through the English countryside, ran barefoot through Tuscan sunflower fields, and climbed the Matterhorn to name a few. These encounters prompted an extreme interest in photography. A self-taught photographic artist, Trisha’s photography portrays the mood in which inspired her. Her eclectic subject matter is a combination of daily life, foreign locales and candid portraits. The celebration of individualism and cultural differences is celebrated through her contemporary portraiture. Trisha has exhibited in galleries, cafes, and even places of worship all over New York City.

Trisha moved to New York City to pursue both meeting a potential mate and to immerse herself in the art of photography. During those several years of Internet dating Trisha found herself fascinated by some of the unique individuals she met online. Consequently, she kept a detailed journal of her outstanding dates. Internet Dates from Hell is a result of her experiences.

Trisha Ventker now resides with her husband Tom, her son and Yorkie, Max in Colorado where she is an Internet Dating Coach and a successful photographer. Trisha is hard at work on her second book. Feel free to email her or send her your internet dates from hell stories.

Date Recorded: 5/29/2012

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