Interview Topic: How Make Your Kids a Winner!


About Donna Voss

It may be an understatement to describe Donna Voss’s life experience as


She is a Berkeley grad, a stay-at-home mom, a former pagan, and a devout


Clearly a study in extremes, she is a fifty-something homemaker who loves rap

music, outrageously expensive shoes, and people who own their flaws and call

her on hers.

She is avoids negotiating the price of anything but will dive into intense

interactions, especially if they are about politics and religion. Raised in the

shadow of luxury, her favorite vacation is camping. She is an eternal optimist

who is endlessly fascinated by the dark side of good people. Anxious to be liked

by all, she has written a memoir, One of Everything, that is sure to provoke

everyone about something.

Along with her intense love of words, Donna, is now happily married to a former

Navy Commander, a man of fewer words. Together they adopted and continue

to raise 3 active, happy children for which she accepts no credit because she

really didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Donna is hanging in there

ten years later, in love with them all, sustained in part by her love of words and

peanut butter fudge.

Learn more about Donna Voss and One of Everything at One of Everything is due for release in May, 2015

and is available for presales on Amazon and Barnes &