Iran and Shia Militia for Afghanistan


Iran and Shia Militia for Afghanistan


While all eyes are on the Taliban, most Western leaders do not realize that the Taliban is not a monolithic movement because Afghanistan is another made up Islamic entity from different ethnic and tribal groups who hate each other as much and sometimes more that they hate the infidels.

Are there any politicians or military leaders who remember that When Ayatollah Khomeini became the absolute theocratic dictator of Iran in 1979, that the first country that he first attempted to try to turn into an Islamic theocracy subservient to Iran, was actually Afghanistan, followed by Iraq?

He trained and armed thousands of Shia Afghan militia to fight the Sunni Taliban. Similar such forces are still in Afghanistan, that will obey the Ayatollahs if and when the time is ripe. It is a long term military investment to destabilise the Taliban when necessary.

Is there anyone in Biden’s dysfunctional administration who knows that in 1989, Iran nearly went to war with the Taliban who executed 8 Iranian diplomats and a reporter in Mazra al Sharif, creating such anger in Iran that they deployed 70,000 troops to the border but the UN was able to broker a cessation of hostilities?

How is it conceivable that not a single military or political person in the USA does not know the following crystal clear fact? There is no love between the differing sects of Islam, but all of them, are monolithically united in their hatred of all non-Muslims/ kuffar/ infidels.

According to reports from Arabic newspapers who are much more intimately involved with Afghanistan than Western ones because they are Muslims, that Afghanistan’s new spiritual leader Sheikh Hibatu Allah Akhwanzadeh, whom they are predicting to be “Amir al Mu’mineen” (“commander of the faithful/ actually the Caliph) of Afghanistan.

His title is similar to that of Iran’s Khomeini.

According to these reports, this leader does not intend to spread terror to the neighbouring countries or even outside but to concentrate to rule Afghanistan as a Fundamentalist Sharia compliant, Islamic Emirate.

If true, this is the opposite of Iran’s Shia Islamic state that intends to spread its influence, religion and power all over the world.

The Sunni Pashtuns of the Taliban hate the Shia Hazara, Uzbek and Tajik – whom they call infidels/ kuffar, like Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Atheists and Jews – and vice versa. Each side, when they had the upper hand, slaughtered and raped the men and females of the other.

Contrary to all the hog wash perpetrated by apologists for Islam or Islam ignoramus people, this is actually normative Islam, since each of these deeds, can be found totally justified and sanctioned by Allah’s Shria, in Muhammad’s Quran.

The USA can – if she has anyone left with an IQ above 120 – deal relatively well with the Taliban, but this requires people who fully understand Islam, Muslims and what makes them tick.

This is NOT diplomacy. This requires enormous levels of cultural and theological comprehension of Afghans in particular and Islam in general. The Taliban are not interested in or are even able to comprehend etiquette or good manners. They respect leaders whose words are never broken.

For the short term, they will most probably keep their part of the deal as long as the Americans dealing with them know that this will not necessarily pertain for the long haul. Therefore, this ‘diplomacy’ must be incremental and renewed or extended repeatedly, thereby it will hold for a long period.

Personally, I do not believe that Biden has anyone who can do this delicate but extremely important job.