Irwin Zucker

Irwin ZuckerPresident of Promotion in Motion
Founder and President Emeritus of the Book Publicists of Southern California
Irwin Zucker has seen the book business evolve from a fairly straight 
forward affair to a time when the arena has become multi-faceted with such 
innovations, the Internet, satellite radio and the consolidation of media 

Embracing the newest outlets which technology has provided, Irwin Zucker 
and Brad Butler seek to give their clients guidance on the best avenues 
and methods of exposure promote the books, publications and services 
offered by a wide range of writers, professionals, political organizations, 
travel companies and educators.

While seeking exposure to widest possible audience in Radio/TV/Print 
Press and on the Internet, Promotion in Motion provides advice on the 
best angles of promotion for various media outlets and how clients can best 
handle the stresses of interviewing and presenting their cases whatever the 
media outlet.  Convincing the public that they need your book is a vital 
aspect of promotion.

Dr. Christine Anderon's Dynamic Prenatal Yoga DVD by Dr. Christine Andersonh
The book Iran and America: Rekindling a Love Lost by Badi Badozzzami
Bragg Healthy Lifestyle by Paul and Patricia Bragg
Power of Positive Doing by Ivan Burnell
Fairbanks Risen by John Foster
Hitler Here: A Biographical Novel by George Thomas Clark
Travel with Others Without Wishing They'd Stayed Home by Nadine Nardi Davidson
The Blood Pressure Hoax by Sherry Rogers, M.D.
A Time for Heroes: Business Leaders, Politicians and Other Notables Explore the Nature of Heroism by Robert L. Dilenschneicer
The Magic of the Soul by Patrick Harbula
Iran: The Harsh Arm of Islam by George Hassan, a book about Persia and how it is now run by group of Arabs who are ethnically different from the people they rule with brutality and foce, with torture and deprivation.  A native of Iran, George Hassan wants the Mullahs out, like so many around the world.
The Anger Cure by Kathlenne O'Bannon
Wiking at Life by Wink Martindale, an autobiography about an amazing llife in radio and show business by the legend himself, who interviewed Elvis Presley as young unknown singer.
Dr. Earl Mindell's The 25th Anniversary Vitamin Bible, an updated version of the huge 1970s best seller that has sold 10-million copies in many languages around the world.
Promotion in Motion
714 Crescent Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Photo of Irwin Zucker, President of Promotion in Motion, a full-service Author-Expert and Corporate Public Relations firm locatede in Hollywood, California, and Founder and President Emeritus of the Book Publicists of Southern California, a non-profit networking organization Irwin Zucker founded in 1976.
Over the last half-century Irwin Zucker 
has promoted authors, experts, movies, 
actors, singers, dancers, commentators, 
philosophers and corporations.   His first 
client was the famed Norman Vincent Peale 
and went on to incluse luminaries such as 
Steve Allen, Jacqueline Susann, Helen 
Gurley Brown, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Harvey 
Mackay, Burl Ives, Dinah Shore, Veronica 
Lake and many others.  Thirty years ago 
Irwin founded the 
Book Publicists of Southern California as networking 
organization for all types of kinds of 

interested people.    Podcast of the interview Download:


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