ISRAEL FACES UNPRECEDENTED THIRD ELECTION IN ONE YEAR After Netanyahu and Gantz Fail to Form Governing Coalition


The results of the September 17, 2019 elections in Israel were a statistical tie, throwing the decision of who would be the new Prime Minister to Israel President Reuven Rivlin who gave first dibs to Benjamin Netanyahu.
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Try as he may, try as he might, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed.

Next President Rivlin handed the mantle to Benny Gantz who also failed to form a government by the November 20 deadline.

Now Israel faces the prospect of having an unprecedented 3rd election in less than one year.

So, to avoid asking election-weary Israelis to go to the polls again in a few months, Israel’s parliament now has the option to nominate another lawmaker to try to put together a governing a majority coalition to govern.

Weighing in on this complex topic is a man who is no stranger to Israeli politics,