Jack Elbon


Jack Elbon

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Jack Elbon grew up in the 1930’s and 1940s, in a small coal mining town in West Virginia. Even though it was during the Depression, he was always busy. He mowed lawns, and delivered newspapers until age 16, when he spent the summer cutting right of way, and clearing brush, for the Monongahelia Power Company. Throughout junior and high school he ran the movie projectors on weekends at the local theater. In his spare time, Jack found time to be a Boy Scout and earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He was active in the 4H Club, and the Baptist Youth Fellowship. He lettered in football and basketball all 4 years, and was on the first team for 3 years. He also played trombone in the high school band for 5 years, and was selected to play in the All State Band in 1949. Jack had several different careers and was successful in all of them. He and his wife of 58 years, Jo Ann, live in Saint Cloud, Florida. Jack can be reached at jackelbon@yahoo.com.
Date Recorded: 9/30/2013

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