Jacko Poli


Jacko Poli


‘A rolling groove incorporating delicate keyboard twists and harmonically formed motivation… file under great album, must go and buy!’ Mojophenia.com Jacko Poli’s debut album ‘The Chords for No Noise’ is available now! See the video for single ‘Just for You’ at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz-Qyv8giXw&feature=youtu.be Commencing work with Producer Grant Henderson in Spring 2011 and working with talented multi-instrumentalist Luke Hirst, the album ‘The Chords for No Noise’ is about life, love, loss and everything and nothing in between. It’s a bright and breezy album that never sits still, never settles on one style. From the muscular opener ‘Let’s Get Lost’ to the atmospheric ‘Rain Falls Down’, the ebullient ‘Just for You’ and the haunting ‘So Long (Lamented)’, the album ebbs and flows and often surfs between indie guitar rock and reflective piano ballads. It’s classic, epic, Indie Pop with a silky smooth edge. A little like a lo-fi Elbow crossed with Feist. Jacko Poli is for anyone who likes melodic, clear indie pop tunes and appreciates a lyrical style that goes beyond the generic. Buy the album on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-chords-for-no-noise/id525178471

Date Recorded: 10/5/2012

SITE: Site

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