Jake Ducey


Jake Ducey

Defining Your Own Journey Young adults ( 18-23) are often not expected to make “mature” decisions …primarily because they are not mature. Many live for play-time, digital conversation, and recreational drugs. Jake Ducey has been-there-and-done-that, … and then did a lot more. rather than just turn-on, tune—in & drop –out, Jake stepped-out and be a ‘scholar-of-the road’. Jake found his way, wrote a book and is taking his message of real self-reliance to peers and to parents : “There’s a difference between learning it and living it. Learning it means waking up every day knowing you’re doing something less than your wildest dreams. Living it means courageously stepping toward your wildest dreams, even if you don’t know where to begin…” At 21, Jake has an uncommon young wisdom about perception, peer pressure and personal development!

At nineteen, California surfer, Jake Ducey dropped out of college, left behind a drug filled life and went in search of deeper meaning. Upon return from his spiritual adventure, he raised the funds to build a school and home in Guatemala to support orphans. Jake’s profound transformation from a college drop-out and drug addict to a inspirational author and motivational speaker had led him into social and environmental activism, formation of The Self Reliance Institute , a non-profit organization organization devoted to providing essential resources and opportunities for young people to become more self-reliant. His life changing journey that has resulted in his debut book: Into the Wind; My Six-Month Journey Wandering the World for Life’s Purpose ; and is a contributing author to The Rise by NY Times bestselling author Greg S. Reid. A certified yoga-instructor, poet and lyricist, Jake is determined to share his empowering messages to ignite and inspire a new generation of truth seekers.
Date Recorded: 6/5/2013

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