Jamie Jensen-ROAD TRIP USA


Jamie Jensen-ROAD TRIP USA

About Road Trip USA: Comprised of eleven detailed cross-country explorations that will provide even the most experienced traveler with new and exciting places to explore, this completely redesigned edition of Road Trip USA is the only choice for travelers who wish to experience the varied and diverse nature of the American landscape. For each route, Jensen also includes mile-by-mile highlights celebrating major cities, obscure towns, popular attractions, roadside curiosities (including the world’s largest jackalope), local lore, and oddball trivia.

BIO: Jamie Jensen grew up in Southern California back when freeways were new, cheeseburgers cost a quarter, and every beach had a beach-front amusement park. After wasting his early twenties bumming around the country, making hay in Kansas, and ghost-writing a book for the Grateful Dead, in 1990 Jamie Jensen set to work researching and writing Road Trip USA. Since then he’s traveled more than 35,000 miles in search of the perfect stretch of two-lane blacktop. When not crisscrossing the country by car, he rides his bike whenever possible. Jamie lives with his wife, Catherine, and twin boys, Tom and Alex, in Albany, CA, near the west end of I-80.

Date Recorded: 6/4/2012

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