Jane Marla Robbins

is a dynamic, delightful personality who has hit it big with film
and movies (ask her what her secrets are) not only as a writer
but as an actress…
and she is one of the most popular poets in America, her latest lit. work
is very timely, “Poems of Covid 19,” published in the early months of the horrible virus…prior books of poetry included “Dogs in Topanga” and “The Laughing
Buddha”…ask her to recite one or two poems from her latest book of poetry…
she believes that poetry can change the world…
Ask her about  a best-seller she wrote a few years ago, “Acting Techniques
for Business Success” —  here she encourages  us to learn the winning ways
of many actors, he way they act in private life and the way they conduct
themselves with the public–there are many positive manners of actors
that we should embrace as well for a more productive, meaningful life
she’s a big animal lover–ask her what are her secrets are in getting along
so well with pets
where does she get all her energy?  and where can listeners buy her
books?  Does she have a website? (she does)