Janice Baylis


Janice Baylis

Author of “DREAM DYNAMICS AND DECODING: Personal, Practical, Powerful Messages”

Janice Baylis, PhD., born in 1928, is a retired Reading Specialist Teacher and Community College Dream-study Instructor. In 1959 her car-pool passenger, Mabel, phoned at 6am asking to change their meeting spot to around the corner. That same morning at 7am Mabel was getting into Janice’s car. They heard a loud CRASH! They rounded the corner and passed their regular meeting spot. There was a small airplane landed upside down in the corner of the store parking lot WHERE THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN! Mabel explained that she had dreamed it during that night. Mabel’s life-saving, pre-cognitive, warning dream started Janice on her life-long, self-directed and academic study of dreaming. Her student’s dreams and the Edgar Cayce dream material focused Janice on the practical side of dreaming. At prodding from her students in 1977 she authored “SLEEP ON IT! The Practical Side of Dreaming”. BA in Education, Occidental College 1950. MA in Psychology, Pepperdine University 1979. PhD. in Psychology, Columbia Pacifica University 1981. As a Reading Specialist Teacher Janice worked with the phonics system to teach children to read English. English has 44 sounds and 26 letters. Associating the 44 sounds with letters on a page is complex because each letter may have several sounds depending on what other letters are present. Working with this system tuned Janice’s mind to see complicated associations. So, she learned to understand how dream thinking makes meaningful associations. This dream-mind thinking is what she teaches in “DREAM DYNAMICS AND DECODING: Personal, Practical Messages” Janice says, “Helping teach 3,000 children to read is my passport to Heaven.”
Date Recorded: 8/27/2013

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