Jean-Paul Sinclair Lewis


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Jean-Paul Sinclair Lewis has written two books about the American West on the Buffalo Soldiers, BUFFALO GORDON and the sequel BUFFALO GORDON: FIGHTING ON THE PLAINS, which was nominated as the Best Novel of the West by The Western Writers of America, Inc. He has also published a short academic work; American Waterways and the Underground Railroad: Conduits Toward Freedom, published by the College of Fine Arts and Humanities at St. Cloud State University. Jean-Paul has written articles for various Spanish magazines on his trips to Cuba.

Jean-Paul has been self-employed for over thirty years, working as everything from a farmer to an international consultant. He writes and travels 3 to 4 times a year, mostly to Europe, where he has family and close friends in France, Portugal, Switzerland and the UK. In October, he will be traveling up the Nile for two weeks on a side-wheel steam 19th century cruise boat to conduct research for the sequel to The Tricolor and the Scimitar.