Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


Jennifer Elizabeth Masters


My early years were challenging and spurred me to be who I am today. Codependency, unworthiness and sexual trauma spurred me to delve into the healing arts of hypnotherapy, mediumship, energy healing and become a certified Life Coach. I healed myself of Fibromyalgia and Epstein Barr Syndrome. I discovered that my negativity and self criticism was making me ill. When I stopped being negative a whole new world opened for me. I also discovered that sexual molestation in childhood can interrupt the female orgasm. I coach women to be multi-orgasmic and enjoy fulfilling sex lives and conscious relationships. I have grown to love myself completely and empower other women do the same. When we love ourselves completely, then and only then are we emotionally available enough to RECEIVE LOVE. Until that time we attract people into our lives that we attempt to change and wonder why we are so unhappy when they don’t.
Date Recorded: 8/15/2013

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