Jeraldine Saunders – BGE presents


she’s known as The Love Boat Lady — and for good reasons she created the non-fiction book, “The Love Boats,” hilarious and romantic adventures on a cruise ship…Jeraldine was actually a real-life cruise director! She creates fun! the great, late TV producer, Aaron Spelling, made the book into a TV series, “The Love Boat,” scoring great success on ABC TV from May 5,1977 to May24, 1986….making Jeraldine a very, very wealthy woman since she got paid a nice sum every time an episode of Love Boats was aired now that book,The Love Boats, is heading for Las Vegas– let Jeraldine tell you about the path and progress she is also known for penning a health book that has become a phenomenal best-seller, “Hypoglycemia: The Disease Your Doctor Won’t Treat”—the classic healthcare handbook–ask her what the book is all about she has also gained fame in the world of astrology (as a syndicated columnist), in the world of numbers, field of handwriting, palm reading, facereading, etc…very personal stuff sometimes she spells her name Geraldine & sometimes Jeraldine–ask her why a book about her personal life was written by a close friend–ask her about it at any event,she has come a long way growing up on land in So. Calif. and on the high seas worldwide–she is truly an international treasure!