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Many are wondering how Jeffrey Epstein could have committed suicide in jail when he was supposed to
under surveillance. This isn’t the first time a high-profile prisoner was able to escape justice by checking
themselves out. Author AK Patch is going to take us back to WW2 and discuss the still unsolved suicide
of Hitler’s Reich Marshall Hermann Goering in 1946.
Tell us about Hermann Goering?
The second in command to Hitler, Goering became famous as a WW1 fighter ace, taking over Baron Von
Richthofen’s famous “Flying Circus” unit after the Bloody Red Baron was killed in combat.
He met Hitler in 1922 and agreed with his vision for the future of Germany. Hitler gave him control of a
group of thugs, called the STORMTROOPERS who beat up political opponents (remember Star Wars).
What happened in 1923 that affected Goering the rest of his life?
He supported Hitler’s grab for power in the BEER HALL PUTSCH. He was wounded in the leg and became
addicted to morphine. This carried through to his death in 1946. The second highest official in Nazi
Germany was a morphine addict. He became heavy and had wild mood swings. Hitler also was a drug
addict, taking Crystal meth, Oxycodone and Cocaine till he committed suicide.
Helped Hitler gain power and created the Gestapo.
Became CIC of the Luftwaffe. Early success became failure as the Allies fought back. He convinced Hitler
to hold back his Panzer tanks while he promised to destroy the BEF at Dunkirk and the British AF in the
Battle of Britain. Though he failed, he still became ReichMarshal though his role diminished.
What about when the war ended?
When Hitler had decided to stay in Berlin and commit suicide, Goering wrote Hitler and asked that he
become Furher to fight on. Hitler infuriated, orders Goering’s arrest.
Goering surrenders to American forces rather than Russian.
What happened at the end?
The US detoxed him off of morphine and put him on a diet. He was found guilty for high crimes and
sentenced to hang. Goering said he wanted to be shot like a soldier.
However, he was able to procure a cyanide capsule.
A couple of theories exist.
Two US prison guards came forward and claimed they were the one that got him the cyanide.
One said, he was approached by a young woman who friended him, got him to bring a pen with
medicine inside, (turned out to be the Cyanide). She disappeared afterwards.

Another guard said Goering bribed him with his watch and other mementos so he could visit his
belongings in storage. He got the cyanide there.
High profile prisoners appear to be able to someone how coax guards, influence guards from the
outside, or play on the guard’s greed and gullibility.
Be interesting to find out the true story of how Jeffrey Epstein became “unwatched”.
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