Ah’Hava El Elyon 1/31/2023


For upcoming stories, please consider Ah’Hava El Elyon, formerly Todd Roy Smedley Jr. who has evolved and released a book Stolen The Book of Ah’Hava Elyon, after he was stolen from his real father and named after his mother’s murderer – a true crime epic and truth being stranger than fiction. From cutting grass to selling candy, side hustles since 8, and becoming the executive producer for Ohio Coalition, Elyon is a true serial entrepreneur, who was gifted a store, Dash Communications and parlayed it into multiple businesses that are still operating.

Elyon can comment on the following:
-How to prevent domestic violence from turning deadly.
-How to deal with uncertainty with who your biological parents are
-Fighting negligence and corruption in the justice system
-How is his relationship with his real father and where is his step father now?
-Why they lived in a house where multiple murders have happened
-Why his stepfather changed his name a month before he killed his mother

Elyon says, “I researched my ancestry all the way back to the 1400s and lived with my real father for years and didn’t know he was my dad. I was named after a man who menaced my mother into misrepresenting he was my biological father. He used control to keep the lie going. When he couldn’t control her any Longer, he shot and killed my mother and told everyone she committed suicide and the police never arrested him. For 47 years, I thought he was my dad until a DNA test revealed all the lies and deceit.”

For more information, please visit the below and for interviews, book copies and press inquiries, please contact kat@dotellpublicity.com


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