AK Patch: 5/3/2019-Einstein’s Brain

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We explore many different subjects on this segment with author Allan K Patch, but today were going to
delve into the scientific macabre. We’re going to talk about one of the most brilliant persons ever,
Albert Einstein, his early life, and what happened to his brain.
1. What inspired Albert as a boy to be interested in science?
Born in 1879, Grew up in a middle-class Jewish Family in Ulm Germany
Given a compass at age 5- mystified by invisible forces of nature.
Not the best student, told by a strict teacher he would not amount to anything.
A tutor gave him a children’s science book to read that asked the question: What if you could ride
alongside an electrical charge in a telegraph wire? Einstein thought: What if it were a beam of light?
THERES LESSONS HERE FOR PARENTS: You Never know what inspire your child, and don’t listen to
naysayers about their prospects.
2. What were the highpoints of his career?
1905- Groundbreaking year- 4 major papers on atomic theory, including E= MC2
1921- Nobel Prize
Left Germany in 1932 as Hitler’s power grew to Princeton, US
Advised FDR on power of Atomic Energy- helping to stimulate Manhattan Project
3. When did he die and what happened to his brain?
Died in 1955. Without permission, the pathologist- Thomas Harvey, removed Einstein’s brain to study it
with the idea of discovering- what made him a genius.
He took pictures of the brain and then cut it into pieces and stored them in 2 jars. Moved to Wichita,
Kansas, where he kept the brain segments in a cider box under a beer cooler for 22 years. Gave it up to
Studies claimed there were significant differences in his brain anatomy that might explain his cognitive
powers, but later studies proved inconclusive. Maybe with a fresh brain, and todays science more might
have been understood.
We still don’t know exactly what is the foundation the spark of his genius. Recent advances in brain
studies might help uncover how the brain functions.

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