Amazing Voyage You Might Not Have Heard About

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It is part of our nature to want to explore. We’re interested in the earth and the heavens. We imagine
what is possible from magnificent buildings to expanding our imaginations with science fiction.
The people of the past didn’t have our technology and took great chances when they traveled into the
1. Tell us about the 1947 voyage of the Kon-Tiki?
Named after an Incan God and made of balsa wood, the Kon-Tiki, made by Norwegian explorer Thor
Heyerdahl to suggest that some Pacific Polynesian Islands could have been settled from South America.
5000 miles over 101 days.
How could essentially Stone -Age People traverse thousands of miles of open ocean? Extensive
knowledge of the night sky- rising and setting of stars.
Kon Tiki drifted on the currents with go from east to west. He wanted to drift voyaging was possible.
Later, it became more the theory that voyagers probably came from South-east Asia. As a means of
intentional sailing- knowledge of currents, sells, land, clouds, birds.
These ancient mariners were brilliant. Even James Cook, the great British explorer who discovered the
Hawaiian Island and was killed on the Big Island by natives brought a High Priest from Tahiti with him so
he could somehow converse with the natives- It made him wonder about how all the islands could have
been settled at such great distances.
2. What about a second voyage- The Ra I and II?
Heyerdahl postulated that People from Africa could have sailed the Atlantic to the Caribbean on a
papyrus boat.
1969- First boat Ra I traveled 3000 miles before failing apart 600 miles short.
1970- second boat made it Barbados.
A third visit from Iraq to Pakistan down the Red Sea. Persian Gulf Arabian Sea. 1977.
In BOOK Three of my Series JOURNEY FROM DELPHI- one of my characters from modern times
must make a dangerous voyage by ship with other survivors of a cataclysmic volcanic eruption
on Santorini in 1620 BC. Read about it. It’s an exciting, gritty, but entertaining story.

Lesson- We shouldn’t underestimate the brilliance of ancient people- The evidence is all around us.
Simple lives without much technology and the spirit to now more.

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