Are the Sans-Culottes back again, and again?

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Are the Sans-Culottes back again, and again?
In the past year we’ve seen protests and street violence.
Author AK Patch is with us today to talk about mobs and the
intimidation of radical revolutionaries during the French Revolution.
1. Give us brief history of the French Revolution AK?
What I like to do is bring historical events and the lessons of past
and relate it to our lives today. I do this in these segments and in
my time travel adventure novels. We saw protests, riots, and
anarchy on our own streets during the summer, and more yesterday
in our capital. We might take pause to look at history as a guide.
While many in the US protest for good reasons, others bring
mayhem and destruction.
The common people of France suffered in the late 1700’s. Famine, war
debt, mismanagement and corruption by the King and his royals, and
lack of representation in government drove everyday people to
Attempts to alleviate these horrible conditions were inadequate.
By 1789- A revolution began, throwing out the monarchy, established a
republic. This new republic became threatened by foreign invasion. The
situation became fluid and desperate.
1. Then who are the Sans-Culottes?
Most revolutions proceed with horrific violence. The everyday people
attacked the nobility with a ferocity that caused many thousands of
deaths. The sans-culottes took justice into their own hands, creating a
direct democracy with no parliament, imprisoning multitudes, and
executing thousands of others.
They got their name -sans-culottes means “without breeches”, the silk
short pants the nobility wore. The SA wore long pants, red liberty caps,
clog shoes and short coats. They were considered the truest of the

revolutionaries and every one dressed like them to not be accused of
being against the revolution.
Think about that as we go along on this path of change ourselves.
Slogans, clothing worn that elicits violence.
They executed by hanging and the guillotine many thousands of
French people whom they considered counter-revolutionaries or who
stood against them.
2. What happened next?
They helped to force the cutting off of the heads of King Louis without a
trial and Marie Antoinette months later. Eventually, they were replaced
by the Jacobin. More instability occurred until Napoleon took over,
abolished the republic and made himself emperor.
We should pay attention to the violence in the streets. Law, order and
reason should be the rule as we reform certain elements of society.
Another reason- Often said history repeats itself- not accurate enough- it
probably REGURGITATES ITSELF. Be careful we don’t allow
anarchy and intimidation to reign. We are a nation of laws and the
law must be followed and those break the law should be brought to
justice- whoever they are.
This is Period interesting my new novel, a paranormal thriller, THE
CATACOMBS’ CURSE, starts out during the Napoleonic era and
the Battle of Waterloo. Trilogy

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