Barbara Gaughen-Muller

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`is the dynamic Barbara Gaughen (pronounced “Gone”)-Muller,

call her at 805-680-9445…in 2018 she received an IRWIN Award
from the Book Publicists of So. Calif. as The Publicist of the Year…she’s
been in the PR biz a long time…for clients who make a better world..

She’s a great humanitarian, always devoting her life to making our world a
better world for everyone and a firm believer that peaches possible
…she’s the co-author of a terrific book, “Revolutionary
Conversations: The Tools You Need for the Success You Want,” written with two
other writers…getting nothing but raves because even if everyone knows how to talk how do you have a real peaceful conversation?

Iin the late 1990’s she took over as President of the Book
Publicists of So. Calif. for a few years…she’s had a zillion clients over the
years…anyone or organization that makes the world a better place and her late husband was Robert Muller,
Assistant Secretary General of the UN who was called the prophet of hope at the UN

World peace is what she’s crusading for these days…she and her late husband, Dr. Muller,
did so many good things for world peace…together they created an international holiday
World Peace Day, this year it falls Sept. 21st

Go to her website: Barbara Gaughen-Muller author: and you’ll see several segments
extolling her wonderful career..and her extended bio under ABOUT.

Barbara is a winner in everything she does….one of her first books was how to break
into the news as an author…she’s still making news these days and she created “Getting the World to Beat A Path To Your Door”

Questions to ask this wonderful Barbara From Santa Barbara:

1. What is Peace? Is Peace possible ? Where do you begin?

2. Why do you want a Year with out War? How would the UN help?

3. What would you want others to know about your life and the UNA ?

4. How did you and Dr. Muller work for peace? In Costa Rica?

5. What is this World Peace Conference 2020? Where and what?

6. What is your Who are your guests?

7. Can one be happy today? healthy? how?

8. A tip we all need to know? Smile it is contagious

9. What can we do to help our climate? ARE we in trouble ?

10. Why do you love radio? What did Marin Luther King say about radio?

11. is it true you were a Hollywood Rotarian? The second Woman Rotarian?

Love, love ,love

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