Biden, EU, Mullahs, Palestinians & War


Biden, EU, Mullahs, Palestinians & War

Almost all detractors of Donald Trump – the usual Fake Media, treasonous Democrats, dim witted leftists, etc. – accused him of being friendly with the foremost dictators in the world: Xi of China, Kim of North Korea, Orban of Hungary and others.

Yet, not once have any in the mainline media commented upon Biden’s love of terrorist organizations such as the Ayatollahs’ regime of Iran the so called Palestinian Authority in the West Bank or Hamas in Gaza.

The reason why I am addressing Biden above all others, should be obvious, since the USA leads the European Union especially in defence (NATO) and foreign affairs.

The Ayatollahs’ terrorists and the ‘Palestinians’, received the ultimate gift from Allah, when Joseph Biden was declared president.

In the case of the Ayatollahs, his utter disregard for their prolific acts of terror within and without Iran, is not only immoral and unjust, but borders on insanity, since they are the publicly declared mortal enemies of not only the USA (Great Satan) but of also of America’s best allies in the Middle East; the Sunni Gulf States and Israel.

They have completely denied any access to the Atomic Inspectors to any of their nuclear facilities. After all, they falsely claim that their nuclear ambition is for peaceful purposes. Yet, for civilian use 3.7% enrichment is only needed; 60% and more are nuclear weapons grade. They have repeatedly – since 1979 – and publicly declared their intention to exterminate Israel when they achieve nuclear ability. They have recently boasted that they have already achieved 60% enrichment thus challenging both the USA and Israel to dare act.

Because of their total support of Russia’s war against Ukraine, Putin is supplying Iran with the latest anti-aircraft missile systems as well as with the latest 5th generation aircraft.

The clueless State Department just last week declared Iran the “world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.” This is the same State Department that had allowed the mullahs to brutally crack down on and kill their own people, deliver drones and other deadly weapons to their ally Russia; freely increase their influence in Latin America – especially in Mexico – and rapidly advance their nuclear weapons program.

The EU recently pronounced their intention to declare IRGC (Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps) a terrorist organization just like the Americans. As always, in the face of Muslim threats, they spinelessly reversed course.

Beyond useless platitudes of how much they (Biden and State) support the Iranian uprising, what will it take the comatose Biden administration finally to help the young men and women of Iran who have been fighting so hard for their freedom?

The same State Department and EU who accuse Israel of heavy handedness and demand investigations of actions of self-defence by her army, they slavishly and stupidly support the so called ‘Palestinians’ with $350,000,000 although both the EU and State know – and have known for 70 years – that almost 90% of this money will either be stolen by the most corrupt ‘Palestinian’ leaders or used for terrorist acts against Israel.

The levels of hypocrisy, duplicity, insincerity and utter stupidity exhibited by both State and the EU are obscene, but unfortunately, they represent the reality on the ground.

In the meantime, the Saudis and Gulf Arabs are aligning themselves slowly but surely with China, because they have neither respect nor trust in the USA under the dissolute Biden administration which is more concerned regarding the human rights of – transgender people, transvestites, homosexuals, etc. (1.7% of humanity) – than those fighting for their freedom in Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and Syria from the Ayatollahs terrorist regime.

Muhammad bin Salman is slowly but deliberately trading off petro dollars to be replaced with different currencies because of Biden’s obsession with supporting the Ayatollahs against the Sunni Arabs.

Under Bibi Netanyahu, Israel will not stand down in the face of the Ayatollahs’ publicly declared nuclear ambition intention, which is to exterminate Israel and Israelis off the face of the Earth. As far as Israel is concerned, this by itself is a declaration of war. Yet neither the State Department nor the EU ever commented in public that this is a genocidal declaration of war.

The Ayatollahs have absolutely no doubt that Biden is all talk and no action. They are not worried about the USA reaction, nor about the will of the EU that just caved in recently.

In their delusional mind-set, the Ayatollahs are most probably under estimating Israel’s capabilities to destroy their underground nuclear assets ignoring what Israel accomplished (against all odds) in the destruction of Iraq and Syria’s nuclear sites.

Maybe I am the only odd one out who expects Israel to use tactical nuclear weapons to eliminate the Natanz and Fordow facilities buried in mountains, especially since it does not have conventional bombs that can penetrate these facilities.

The next few months will reveal the realities.

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