Democrats & Definitions


Democrats &  Definitions

Members of the Democrat party have become the most proficient in the world, of repeated vocabulary manipulation by contorting, uprooting and twisting the traditional meaning of words to suit their political agenda.

They intend to deliberately and with malice aforethought, gaslight, distract and deceive uninformed, apathetic or undereducated Americans to fulfil their warped minded destructive agenda.

Attempts, not dissimilar to what Communists and Nazis used to do.

For example, in Soviet Russia, Pravda (meaning TRUTH) was the propaganda mouthpiece of the Communist party that never told the truth.

Not a single truly democratic Western country ever added Democratic to their title, such as the Democratic Republic of France, yet almost all of those states that were subjugated to Soviet Russia had, like the German Democratic Republic.

Or, the Polish People’s Republic, or the Hungarian People’s Republic that did not ever represent the Polish or Hungarian peoples.

As what happened under both the Communists and Nazis, all the media was complicit in indoctrinating the people to conform to the will of the party, through unbridled lies and subterfuge.

The media was turned into the most unflinching and important propaganda arm of the Communist and Nazi parties. In the USA, for the last 60 years at least, all the mainline media, social platforms, academia and even many clergy, have been successfully infiltrated by leftists and unpatriotic enemies of America.

There is absolutely no doubt that the USA is currently undergoing the worst social, political, educational, economic and military decline in the history of the Republic due entirely to the totally failed decisions of the Biden’s administration in every field mentioned.

To cover up these blatant disasters, Democrats have been resorting to re-defining the meaning of words that have been in standard usage for decades to convince at least 38% of braindead Americans that Biden and his administration are the best for the American people.

To achieve such drastic changes in literature, all the Fake and criminally negligent media are shamelessly in lock step with the current Fascist Democrat Party.

Let us share with you some of the words that have been turned inside out or upside down to suit their agenda:

Woman: Not even a Democrat supreme court nominee, Ketanji Onyika Brown Jackson, was willing to define the word woman because – with the most asinine disqualifying excuse in judicial history – she is not a biologist, although for 500,000 years of human evolution, people knew exactly who and what a woman is.

Yet with total disregard to reality and justice – she was nonetheless elected not for her very doubtful judicial qualifications, but based purely upon racial and political reasons. How can any clear thinking American expect her to be making rational decisions on abortion, gender, race etc., that include women and men, to be considered.

Progressives: In reality there is absolutely nothing ‘progressive’ with the followers of the Democrat party since they are in fact and reality totally regressive.

Antifa: Short for Anti Fascists when again, they actually represent the Nazi type Brown Shirts of the Democrat party. President Biden has said: “Antifa is an idea, not an organization,” and therefore can’t be grouped in with the others. Communism & Nazism are ideas also.

Man: According to ‘progressives’ even men can menstruate and bear children, because their demented political agenda over rides 500,000 years of biological evolution.

Gay: Originally meant feelings of being “carefree,” “happy” or “bright and showy.” Now the most commonly accepted use of the word gay primarily refers to a homosexual person or the trait of being homosexual.

Illegal Immigration: The term is no longer politically acceptable because it might reflect negatively upon some poor, misunderstood “migrant” who enters the United States illegally seeking a better life. The liberal left now identifies them as undocumented immigrants, or actually unregistered Democrats.


Husband & Wife: Leftists want to replace them with more “gender neutral” terms such as married couple, spouse, or some other non-offensive term.

Crisis: According to Democrats, there is no such thing at the Southern border. It is a challenge. There is no such thing as “border security,” it’s “border safety.” legal and illegal,” replaced with “authorized and unauthorized.”  Migrant children are being held in “reception centres” not “cages.”

Sexual preference:  Has been weaponized by the left for being a homophobic slur. Their preferred version is now “sexual orientation”

Graveyards: Are now Memorial Parks

Aged: Are now Chronologically Challenged

Mentally Retarded: Now suffer from Intellectual Disability or are of Special Needs

Racism: It has been so diluted and made meaningless since it is no longer based on religion, colour or creed but on political or social orientation, and anyone who challenges the liberal left’s agenda is branded a “racist.”

Islamophobia: An oxymoron, since fearing Islam – which intends the extermination of all humans who refuse to submit to their Allah’s Sharia – is NOT irrational fear.

There are dozens more that can be included, but the above make the point.

Democrats are literally turning America upside down with their word re-defining literary engineering, because for a stable society to exist, there must be a common language, with commonly accepted and understood words. Therefore, creating new definitions for existing words or creating new words entirely is being used by Democrats to redefine the Republic.

Tragically, major corporations and even dictionaries are insanely following the lead of the regressives.

Democrats succeed only when they are able to subdivide American society into adversarial components so as to rule over them while pretending to protect each one of them. They need to make Americans totally dependent on the Federal government by eliminating self- reliance. Without conflict or turmoil, Democrats cannot advance their drive to a socialist society.

George Orwell said, “Political language … is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

The USA today is in a dystopian state that only the removal of the Democrat party from power may help save the Republic.

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