Diane Hunter, author of the new book Oh Great, Another Vampire Book


Roman McClary is a New England vampire sired during the Revolutionary War. He vows to never create a vampire himself given the existential pain it imposes. Now 2018, a great war between humans and vampires is nigh. Therefore, in the spirit of global mayhem he sires his girlfriend, a journalism student named Sara Fielding, whom he fell in love with after meeting on a dating app. Being vampires will protect them in a war they’re destined to win, right?

The main character of this vampire book is Sara, who studies journalism at Boston University. She meets a vampire (Roman) on a dating app and they fall in love. He sires her to protect her from a big war about to happen between humans and vampires. But because he’d never sired anyone before, he had excess power that unexpectedly turns her into a god.

Along the way they get help from a counsel of vampire elders including an ancient Greek with an eating disorder, and a former Romanian shepherd with a fake southern accent.

Readers journey through an absurd media landscape where Sara is viewed as a savior in our nation’s cultural divide, a reviled social justice warrior, and everything in between. In her global treks to sow world peace, she unveils the cyclical nature of human folly while crafting a plan to save the planet. Also, vampires shop for makeup at Sephora.

This is where the satire comes in. As Sara presents herself to the world and settles into her role as the new God, we see different perspectives of various news outlets. For instance, some criticize her as an SJW, and I show her being interviewed by The Atlantic. She makes Tucker Carlson throw up on live TV.

There’s also running commentary on other vampire stories like TwilightBuffy, & Anne Rice’s books.

Fans of vampire fiction, and anyone interested in the media and social commentary on the current cultural divide will enjoy it. It is a vampire book that’s not really about vampires. Rather, they’re a vehicle for exploring other ideas like sustainability and human behavior witnessed over the course of centuries.

Diane Hunter is the author of Oh Great, Another Vampire Book, the first of the Oh Great series of satirical books. Each installment in the Oh Great series will be a playful rendering in a different genre, each lending an absurdist lens to culture and ideas. Her approach to each book explores the darkness of human nature as well as the light. Hunter earned a Master of Arts in English from Long Island University. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Music from Hunter College.
She gains inspiration from comedic writers such as Mel Brooks, John Kennedy Toole, and David Lynch. She’s a big fan of Frank Herbert and Philip K. Dick.

Hunter has three published books under the name of D.A. MacQuin. Two of the books (1995 and The Grid) make up a sci-fi series and the other book (Polite Conversation About The Weather) is a collection of short stories.  Hunter is a Massachusetts-based author who writes sci-fi, satirical, and general fiction.  Pieces of her fiction have been published in Boston Literary MagazineWriter’s Blog Magazine, and Downtown Brooklyn.

In one of her jobs, she assisted the chief of neighborhood library services at a library in Baltimore, writing a column on library programs and events for the online staff newsletter.  She also has worked as a copy editor, paralegal, and pharmaceuticals recruiting coordinator.

Born and raised in Southern Illinois, Hunter is a single mother of three boys, she resides in Massachusetts. For more information, please consult: https://www.dianehunterauthor.com.

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