Dr. Gordon Jones


Thrivacy is a leveraging cryptography and blockchain, the emerging technology that enables Bitcoin to be decentralized and immutable. So Self Sovereign Your Identity; Thrive through Privacy, and protect yourself from those that wish to use you and your personal data.

Dr. Gordon Jones, is the founder of Thrivacy thought you’d be interested in a conversation with him around.

Topics he can discuss:
Better credit market efficiency
Improvement of public service delivery
What is Digital Identity, and why is it important
Dynamics of digital technology to manage health, emergency and financial information.
What’s more, ‘traditional’ forms of identity are no longer enough to ensure adequate online security.

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Dr. Gordon Jones is an Author, curator, and Investor. He is also a Professor of Blockchain, Author of Universal Health Coin, Leveraging Blockchain to Change Healthcare, he is also a Songwriter of the Blockchain Movement, a keynote speaker and Adjunct Professor of Blockchain, Data Privacy and Self Sovereign Identity at the University of South Carolina.

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