Dr Jack 9/26/2019

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Impeachment Fever reaches frenzied levels over unidentified whistleblower accusations against Trump

Intro: Once again, Democrats have shifted the focus from their own scandals to blaming President Trump for what many consider to be imagined or exaggerated misdeeds.

Democrats overlooked Hillary Clinton’s Uranium One Deal to point the finger at Trump for an alleged deal with the Russians that dragged on for two years, ending in a highly anticlimactic testimony by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

Now Democrats are overlooking the purported Joe Biden-Hunter Biden multi-million-dollar sweetheart deal with Ukraine, and instead, finding fault with President Trump for his ‘daring’ to investigate possible wrong-doing by the Biden family to the tune of millions of dollars in enrichment from a foreign government.

In a desperate effort to keep the focus off of the Bidens, Democrats have pressured a formerly reticent Nancy Pelosi to press forward in their headlong march to impeach the president, regardless of facts not yet established or even having the identity of the so-called informant, regardless of the impact it can have on the United States.

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